Adaptt Rochester, Inc.

Building up women and children to empower themselves to achieve their beautiful, unique, and unlimited purpose.



            Co-Founders Tamara Howard and Angela Wollschlager began their careers in human services, hoping to help make real change. Their experiences showed them all of the barriers and broken systems in place that prevented change from taking place. One thing they noticed - time is ever-changing, and so are people. In order to ensure that change is effective, they learned how important it is to have the ability to ADAPTT to the evolving needs of the community and its people.


            At ADAPTT, Tamara and Angela teamed with a powerful board of women who have lived experience, professionals who have worked in Human and Social Services fields and others who have held key positions, and are working together to create a revolutionary model of transitional living. Their plan is to give homeless and at-risk women and children the support, guidance, and love that will empower them to achieve their own beautiful, unique, unlimited purpose.


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What WE DO

Services We Provide

We currently have two initiatives helping to support the Rochester Community.

Adaptt 100 Kids:

Adaptt 100 Kids aims to assist 100 children in Rochester by providing a bed, bedding, undergarments, sneakers, fun and educational workshops, and more!

Complete Family Care:

Complete family care provides resources, education, and products necessary for daily life - including food and nutrition, maintaining a safe and healthy home, budgeting and financial health, clothing and undergarments, and improved familial relationships. 

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement:

Adaptt Rochester, Inc. is committed to building our organization to be inclusive, diverse, and equitable through all practices.  We are devoted to continuing education, training, and development for our board members, staff, and employees. 

 We will diligently adhere to our values: we promise to uphold the highest standards of care for our clients and partners, maintaining our focus on achieving inclusive and equitable goals. 

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